“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Chuck Schultz for nearly a decade. My first interaction with Chuck was hiring him to conduct a program based on a referral. I’m so glad that introduction was made. Since then, we’ve worked together on many ventures and Chuck ALWAYS delivers above and beyond expectations. Chuck Schultz is one of the finest trainers, coaches, and people you will have the pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Chuck Schultz.” – Mark Papadas – Founder I Am 4 Kids

“It’s been my pleasure to know Chuck for a few years now. I have learnt a great deal from Chuck, which has helped me with my Coaching business and in my own life.  Chuck has a wealth of knowledge and he always gives 100% to and for his team. I would be honoured to work with or for Chuck anytime.” Warren Hooke – Cert IV Training & Assessment

“In two words ” unrivaled results”. Chuck Schultz is the personification of professionalism, excellence, experience and efficiency wrapped in one package. His ability to identify potential challenges and effectivley postulate multiple solutions empowers those that partner with him to not only increase performance professionally but interpersonally resulting in a cascading windfall of positive outcomes at every level. Having personally expeienced Chuck in action I would count myslef not only fortunate but blessed to have Chuck Schultz as a consulting professional in any capacity, professional, corporate, or personal.” – Chuck Hogan – Exec VP of Sales

“Chuck is one of the most talented, knowledgeable and effective coaches, presenters and trainers that I’ve had the privilege of working with. He is a master at presenting information a unique, practical and entertaining way. It is no surprise that Chuck’s extensive business background, knowledge and insights have made him one of the most sought after business/corporate coaches and trainers.” – Farah Risoen – Transition Expert

“Chuck, is one of the most skilled and articulate Leaders I have had the privilege to work with in the area of Human Behaviour and Enhancing Personal & Business Performance. He is a Brilliant Coach and Trainer while working with Individuals and Organisations. Also Chuck has a big Heart and he cares deeply and sincerely about people and always wants to serve other peoples or companies Needs in whatever way he can. Gerry McKinney [Owner of Several Companies]”

“Chuck Schultz is a top notch professional! You can count on him for great speaking content, tons of enjoyment for all and to make sure an audience walks away with things they can use immediately. I highly recommend Chuck Schultz!” – Sarah Victory – The Victory Company

“Chuck is without question a man with the highest integrity. I recommend his coaching services to friends, family and colleagues on a regular basis because I am 100% certain he will deliver. His coaching skills, leadership style and tenacity are incredibly inspiring. Do not hesitate to trust Chuck Schultz with any assignment, regardless of size or scope.” – Pam Hartley – Owner Momentum Marketing

“As a ‘Coaches Coach’ I have coached many High Level Coaches, Executives, Athletes and CEO’s over the years. However, when it came to selecting a Coach for myself, I could have chosen anyone in the world and I chose Chuck. That’s all I need to say.” – Peter Sage – Global Entrepreneur, International Best Selling Author and Speaker.

“Chuck Schultz is an exceptional talent. He’s a very skilled coach who doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to pinpointing the exact shift that makes all the difference. His leadership and presentation skills are superb, whether he’s at the front of the room breaking down complex information into easily retainable chunks or managing a very large team and building cohesion, high standards and outstanding results. The ultimate endorsement I can give Chuck is that when someone I couldn’t accept as a client, Chuck is the guy I referred. With Chuck’s skill, laser-like precision and huge servant’s heart, I knew they were in excellent and very capable hands…just as you will be when you retain Chuck’s services.” – Dave Elliott – Owner Mpower Unlimited

“Chuck is an incredible coach and dear friend. It has been a great privilege & absolute pleasure to work with him. To say I highly recommend Chuck would be an understatement.” – Dmytriy Pereklita – DK Studios

“Chuck is an outstanding, results oriented coach. A powerful presence that will make an impact at a individual, group and corporate level. If you want transformation then this is the man to call!” – David Taylor

“Chuck has trained for us on several occasions over the last few years and has always delivered the product and outcome expected by us and our clients. I still work with Chuck on training events.  He has done a great job of allowing this process to continue by investing the time and energy necessary to deliver great training. He meets expectations and deadlines for preparation as promised. Those attributes combined with the dynamic personality and energy he brings make him an excellent trainer and resource.” – Shane Piles

“I love to watch Chuck speak! He has the ability to take any material and make it fun and applicable. His high-energy style engages and entertains any audience. If you want a dynamic speaker, trainer or coach, who can make a positive difference in your organization. hire Chuck Schultz. He’s the catalyst you’re looking for!” – Gail Brown – Co-founder, Engaging Speakers