Business Coaching

“Grow Your Business”

In business, you are either growing or dying. The competition doesn’t rest; the economy isn’t waiting around for you; and in the time it takes you to read this paragraph there is someone else who has targeted your customers. Growing your business is a constant process of innovating your products and services, refining your systems, and nurturing the relationships with both your internal customers (your employees) and your external customers. As the owner and leader of your organization, you can only stay on the leading edge of growth by developing a team that is committed to Intelligent Incremental Improvements to Quality (I³Q™). You as the owner need to work less, your team needs to work smarter and your systems need to work harder. This is the paradigm of successful entrepreneurship in the new millennium.

The 7 Stages of Small Business Success is designed as a roadmap that clearly marks the route from start to success. Build and develop an aligned team, inspire them to greatness, nurture your client relationships and your business will accelerate and grow exponentially.

“Launch A Business”

Entrepreneur [en·tre·pre·neur] Risk-taking businessperson. Somebody who initiates or finances new commercial enterprises.*

Entrepreneurs are dreamers. Visionaries. Risk takers. You see things bigger and better than they really are. You see the unseen. When someone hands you lemons; you see more than lemonade. You see the chain of lemonade stands. There is no greater professional reward than to watch your product or service grow from an idea to a mature and successful enterprise. Because your vision is bigger than any job, you feel that you can’t work for anybody else. You crave independence and freedom. Rules were meant to broken; and boxes were meant to get out of. You are an artist and your business is your canvas. You are your own boss.

The reasons that drive you to launch your business can be the very factors that cause it’s demise. While there is an art to delivering your product or service, there is a very specific science to launching a business successfully. Violate the rules and the punishment is costly. Loss of money and control are two penalties that immediately come to mind. That does not need to be your destiny. Your business can take-off and ascend like a rocket if you embrace the two words that most entrepreneurs abhor. The two most hated words in the entrepreneurial language are ‘written’ and ‘plan’. Planning is FUN! Have you ever planned a vacation, or trip, or party, or special event, or a surprise? Did you enjoy it?

Embrace the science and the art will blossom. Launch your business and your life will be everything you imagined it would be.

Do you want to run your business or do you want it to run you?

“Turnaround Your Business”
180º Solutions for your business

When we work with business owners of existing businesses, we hear statements like:

“I haven’t cashed one of my own paychecks in a while.’
“I am stressed out.”
“I have no time for myself”
“My customers don’t pay me timely enough.”
“I can’t pay my bills.”
“Cash flow is sporadic at best.”
“I haven’t earned a profit in some time.”
“My employees don’t care.”
“I can’t keep find or keep good help.”

Have you experienced some (or most) of these? Problems in your business fall in three main categories; time, money and people. Turning a business around requires you to examine these major areas and to begin to perform some mathematics. Namely, addition by subtraction. There are five steps to turning around a business. They are simple. Not always easy mind you-but simple. Once you have completed these five steps, you are now ready to re-launch and grow your business. There will be some tough decision to make. You can’t take everyone with you and you will need to offload the dead wood in your organization. You cannot drag your employees across the finish line. It is their (and the job of the systems) to carry you across. Enjoy the ride.